Hoverpen 3

Future Edition

We enjoy and embrace the unknown. We are fascinated by that which has not yet been done.

That’s why we wreck our brains to create amazing products people have never seen and make them reality.

Hoverpen 3.0"All-In" Hoverpen 3.0 Set [Fountain Pen + Rollerball]

Brand new

Hoverpen 3

Minimalist fountain pens and ballpoint pens inspired by human ingenuity and engineered to defy gravity.

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Hoverpen 2.0Hoverpen 2.0 18K GoldMeteorite Hoverpen 2.0

Hoverpen 2

The most mesmerizing, most fidget-able pen in the galaxy.

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HoverpenHoverpen Titanium

Tried & Tested


The original Hoverpen. Tons of fun at a lower price.

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As Featured In

As Featured In

Don't take our word for it


Sleek, innovative pen! Useful tool and a real conversation starter in the office


Fantastic birthday gift for my wife. She absolutely loves it and it looks great on her desk.

Mark Hurley

THIS PEN CHECKS ALL THE BOXES! Not only is it cool and attention getting, the pen delivers on both appeal and functionality.

Michael Brown

Elegant pen and amazing customer service. This pen is amazing. The magnetic hover function works perfectly and the base is sleek and futuristic looking.

Henry Jones

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