novium se lance en France !

Après des campagnes kickstarter réussies en Asie (Taiwan, Japon, Corée) et en Amérique du Nord, nous sommes heureux et fiers de nous lancer en France, un pays unique, icône de l'élégance.


TIME: Meilleures inventions de 2022

On ne pouvait pas rêver mieux pour cette fin d'année ! En plus de se lancer en France, nous venons de recevoir une distinction exceptionnelle. Le stylo Hoverpen 2.0 a été élu comme l'une des meilleures inventions de 2022 par le célèbre magazine américain TIME.
" Sitting between utility and magic, the Hoverpen 2.0 is a ballpoint pen that hovers at a 23.5-degree angle—a nod to the earth’s axial tilt—without electricity. "

Le voyage ne fait que commencer, rejoignez-nous.

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Defy Gravity,
Defy Ordinary.

Your pen will be the new centerpiece of your desk. The Hoverpen elevates your workspace as it stands frictionless, defying gravity. Its uniqueness is your conversation starter, your inspiration trigger, your productivity boost.

Rediscover the pleasure of putting your ideas on paper. Join us as we challenge ordinary.

Built to Inspire, 
shaped to awe.



Defy Gravity

Perfectly balanced thanks to its painstaking craftsmanship, Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition is designed to impress, resisting gravity at a 23.5 degree angle.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

The material for the body is carved from high quality aluminum sourced from a premium supplier. With a long-lasting aircraft grade aluminum body, the Hoverpen is designed to last for decades.

Continuous Kinetic Motion

Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition is a mesmerizing marvel to watch when spinning. Its circular acceleration and deceleration are fully visible. A simple twist will send the pen spinning for up to 20 seconds in flawless, kinetic motion.

Gold & Meteorite

Upgrade your Hoverpen with the 18k gold plating premium option or go even beyond extraordinary with the gold & meteorite option. Add a real meteorite, a piece of outer space, on your desktop centerpiece.

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