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Hoverpen Titanium


When innovation and science are combined, you get a stunning centerpiece with a purpose. The Hoverpen is designed to meet your aesthetic and fidgeting needs all in one package.

Made with all-metal, this conversation starter stands on its own and spins as you wish. It elevates the look of any desk, whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or a big shot CEO. Deck your office with an aesthetically pleasing, gravity-defying pen with the Hoverpen.


  • Hoverpen
  • Zinc Alloy Magnetic Pedestal
  • Refill

Engineered to Defy Gravity

The Hoverpen is the world's first vertically standing, gravity-defying pen.

The Hoverpen's innovative pedestal creates a magnetic field keep it perfectly balanced. No batteries, no electronics, just pure design innovation.

The Hoverpen will stand tall and elegant forever as a eye-catching centerpiece of your office desk.

Mesmerizing motion

The pens spinning motion is hypnotic. Take a moment to reflect as the pen rapidly turns, and let it's mesmerizing motion fill you new inspiration.

Satin-Like Finish

Executive design. Clean lines. Minimalism at its core.

The Hoverpen's striking design will take any desk from mundane to magnificent in a heartbeat.

A sturdy body of impenetrable titanium or mastercrafted aluminum means lifelong durability.

The Hoverpen is finished at the same facility as Apple products - so you can count on the final product looking stunning.

Magnetic Cap

A fully magnetic cap opens up the options for trick shots and fidgeting! Just bring the cap into the pen shaft's magnetic field and *BAM* they connect, just like magic.

Smooth Flow Ink

Made from top-grade free-flowing ink, the Hoverpen offers an easy-glide writing experience.

A premium Swiss-made ballpoint cartridge gives everyone from artists, to engineers, to financiers the dependability they need to crush the workday.