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Meteorite Hoverpen 2.0


We said we're fans of space, cosmology and astronomy, and we know you are too. We'd be letting our backers down unless we offered them something truly unique, something truly one-of-a-kind.

So we went out and found a real meteorite. And then we added it to the tip of the Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition. That's right, now you can have a genuine piece of outer space sitting right there on your work desk.

We obtained this meteorite at an auction from a member of the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association), so it is fully authentic. Each Meteorite edition of the Hoverpen 2.0 will be completely unique.

No two pens will have the same pattern thanks to a special acid process used to bring out the details of the meteorite and the imperfections etched by space and time itself. Every Meteorite pledge will receive a unique numbered card with information on their extremely special pen and its origins.

The Muonionalusta meteorite landed in northern Scandanavia over one million years ago. Muonionalusta meteorite is the oldest meteorite on Earth, and now you can own a piece of it - a piece of cosmic history, a symbol of the ageless expanse of the universe - sitting in the palm of your hand. This is truly an incredible, rare, and legendary upgrade to the Hoverpen 2.0

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    Engineered to Defy Gravity

    Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition was designed to impress, resisting gravity at a 23.5 degree angle.

    Perfectly balanced thanks to its painstaking craftsmanship, the way Hoverpen 2.0 defies gravity makes it impossible to ignore.

    Continuous Kinetic Motion

    With its new ridged design the Hoverpen 2.0 becomes a mesmerizing marvelto watch when spinning, as its circular acceleration and deceleration are now fully visible.

    A simple twist will send the pen spinning for up to 20 seconds in flawless, kinetic motion.

    Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    The casing of Hoverpen 2.0's body is crafted from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum.

    It is uniquely machined as one long piece of metal - giving it it an aura of high quality craftsmanship rarely seen in other pens. Hoverpen 2.0 is designed to last for decades.

    Satin-Like Finish

    With a soft ergonomic finish, Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition feels like satin in the hand. Soft and gentle to the touch, our latest Hoverpen was designed to make long, strenuous writing sessions feel light and enjoyable.

    Hoverpen 2.0's curved lines are not only visually stunning, they sit right along the hollow of your hand, making for a more pleasurable writing experience.

    Magnetic Cap

    We're obsessed with magnetism - it's why we've even made the cap for the Hoverpen 2.0 magnetically snap into place.

    Just holding the pen a small distance from the lid is enough for the cap to get sucked onto the pen.

    Precision Flow Ink

    With a pen and premium as the Hoverpen 2.0, it'd be a shame to load it with anything but the best ink cartridges.

    Hoverpen 2.0 comes equipped with Schmidt ballpoint cartridges, the German-engineered luxury standard in ballpoint pens.

    Versatile yet flexible, Hoverpen 2.0 promises no spills, no spotting, and definitely no explosions.